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November 2015
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Crowdfunding Sites for Individuals

November 13, 2015   

Plenty of crowd funding sites are escalating in number on the internet with the wide range of selections from pledge-based, equity-based, loan-based, retail-oriented, and custom-based websites.

To give you an overview, you can check some of the top websites accepting proposals from various states around the globe for crowd funding

Several beneficiaries of this Internet-based fund sourcing testified that many of the sites such as Plumfund consider individuals’ ideas. This web stands firm to its vision of making the essence of giving as a way of feeling good. It also allows friends and families to give and receive without fear or etiquette concerns.

In the field of health, Kickstarter funds innovative health ventures. A client said that his need on nutritional supplements was supported by this site with hundreds of visitors on his project proposal.

Fundable website can go for equity-based and pledge-based platforms. Among the popular sites, this places second as the cheapest crowdfunding web. There is rigid screening of applications on this platform. It makes sure that your set objectives and targets are applicable for their investors. Fundable prioritizes technology-based ventures.

For personal projects, you might want to access GoFundMe. Travel and tours, paying off medical bills and purchase of personal needs get a higher chance of funding with GoFundMe. The site is also adjudged as the site with the cheapest charges on every transaction with its client as compared to other sites proposing the same kind of services.

Indiegogo started its operation with a group of artists as their first proponent. It realized the aim of these artists to produce and sell their CD. To give gratitude to their investors because of the success of their project, they provided CDs to their donors. Project proposals are easily featured on their front page since there are only few visitors and clients on this site.

For cause-related ventures, GoGetFunding is perfect to search on. This crowd funding site almost accepts all projects and they employ a model of helping fundraisers to keep abreast with their investors. Fundraising experience on this site is innovative as it considers all projects equally important.

CircleUp is the most compliant crowd funding website to the JOBS Act. They usually work with entrepreneurs and seo agencies with actual products to present on the web. Small business operations have a high chance of publishing in this platform.

Almost the same with CircleUp, MicroVentures supports the small entrepreneurs in the operation of their proposed business ventures. This platform also has special attention to the details of the JOBS Act that makes it as one of the most trusted crowd funding sites.

Selfstarter is the oddest of all the crowdfunding sites. The proponent of the project is the one who operates in the process of crowdfunding the project. In this web, a code is given to clients to have a grasp of the transactions with donors.

Aside from these sites, other websites are also making their waves on the internet with even good offers and services for individuals with brilliant and innovative projects.