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December 2015
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Rent Exotic Cars Houston

December 20, 2015   

whats up, I just wanted to share my experience I just had when I visted miami. I decided to while I was there I would splurge and rent myself a car, but not just any car. I decided to fulfill my life long dream and rent a porsche which proved to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. The car was absolutely wonderful and it was every bit as awesome as I had imaged it to be. When I arrived to the dealership they had a beautiful Miami exotic car rental sitting in the showroom and it took my breath away. I have always been a fan of Lamborghini and if I were eve to own a supercar, it would be one of those. The salesmen greated me with a hot cup of coffee and a warm smile. I was so amazed as I took in the marble floors and expensive titanium fixtures that gave the strucutre a extremely modern feel. Eventually they were finally able to pull me away from looking at the bugatti long enough to sign some paperwork saying that I had to give my firstborn child if anything happened to one of their cars. This part of my time there ended up being pretty boring but since a lamborghini was in the background I really couldn’t complain too much. So, once they got me the porsche I drove it right out of the showroom. After that it was all a blur since I was having sooooooo much fun. I drove around the city not really having any place to go but just enjoying being inside the car. I stopped at a few places where people could get out and look at the car. I was amazed at how many people wanted to take pictures of the car (I told them it was mine). With all this being said you could defiantely go check out exotic car rental houston or exotic car rental miami if you are ever in the area since they are some of the best companies!!